A thermostat for Multi-Unit Buildings

At Fidure, our thermostats are designed with your building in mind. Multi-Unit and Commercial buildings benefit the most from Fidure's thermostats. That’s because adding intelligence to building energy management has been our focus since we started in 2007.
Together with our industry partners we provide building automation hardware and software tools for the 21st century.

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Smart Buildings Save Nearly 30% On Cost and Energy

New build, or retrofit, get control of your buildings without incurring the prohibitive costs of traditional solutions.

The Benefits

Without the costs

Our thermostats can handle the complexity of joining multiple systems, and are agile enough to scale as more devices become connected. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy:

maintenance alerts

Perfrom predictive maintenance and obtain metrics on your system.

Error Reporting & Integration

Target repairs intelligently with advance knowlege.

Improve Efficiency

Find out which HVAC equipment to upgrade for highest return.

Per Unit Metrics

Break down total costs and collect information on a per unit basis.

Fast Provisioning

Provision/Commision your devices in seconds.

Ease of Installation

Quick Installation and optional no-tool wire terminals.

Fidure manufactures a full line of thermostats customized to meet you business’ needs. Our thermostats operate using a variety of platforms and technologies including:

Along with our standard sleek design, we offer customized hardware, firmware, and software solutions for our commercial customers. These offerings include:

Capacitive Touch Screen

Optically Clear PCAP and Gesture recognition

White label

We offer no logo, or your logo on our devices

Customized Firmware

Some projects simply require custom firmware

Smart Energy & Grid

Demand Response & Integration with Utility companies

Off the Shelf

Product Name Product Description Technology Voltage Status


ZigBee HA 1.2 Thermostat [Router Node] ZigBee 24V AC


Thermostat [End Device] Control4 Compatible Control4 24V AC


ZigBee HA 1.2 Thermostat [End Device] ZigBee 24V AC


Bluetooth Smart Thermostat Bluetooth 24V AC
On Demand


Smart Thermostat Homekit Apple HomeKit 24V AC
On Demand


WiFi Smart Thermostat WiFi 24V AC
On Demand


Line-Voltage Smart Thermostats ZigBee , Wifi, BT 120-240V AC
On Demand


ZigBee HA 1.2 Thermostat [Router Node] ZigBee 24V AC

Even A Total Custom Solution

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