Designed for

Beautiful 4" IPS display you can view from across the room, no squinting necessary.

Right Technology - Longer Range

ZigBee was designed for IoT. And our thermostat puts the T in IoT. A-1732 has a longer range than WiFi and with ZigBee Mesh Networks, you can even extend the range.

Antidote to App Fatigue

Fidure's ZigBee t-stat works with your Home Automation system, integrating with your existing hub that already controls other devices. We're already compatible1 with many Smart Home Hubs making it easier to be Smart.

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Simple to be Smart

A smart t-stat priced like a dumb thermostat. Budget friendly with a payback of weeks, not years.

temperature control algorithm

Adaptive algorithm adjusts automatically to the conditions. Gentle on your HVAC equipment.

Many Features
easy to use Thermostat

Numerous features, you can easily change and update by navigating through on-screen menus.

The Cloud
Obligatory cloud picture

Leave the cloud connectivity to your Smart Home Hub. More secure, faster, and how it's supposed to be.

Colour IPS Screen

Crisp, high-resolution display with adjustable brightness. Have it dim low-light or even turn off the screen.

C-Wire powered
battery-less operation

Powered by the 24V "c-wire". No need to worry about battery degradation. Check your wiring for compatibility.

Lock it
so YOU control it

Multiple Lock-Levels put you in control of Temperature, Modes, or just lock everything.


Comfort is not just temperature. Measure and Account for humidity.

Use a Remote
Temperature Sensor2

Best solution for thermostats not located in the perfect place.

Remotely Control
Your Thermostat

Control your thermostat from wherever you are3.

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Affordable and Pleasant

Modern Design

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Elite for Everyone

Innovation without compromising your wallet.

More Features

Auto Change-Over

Set it to automatically switch between Heat and Cool. For the seasons with hot days, and cold nights.

Hold until specified time

You decide when the schedule resumes, tomorrow, next week, or next year. Up to you.

Pair with a Remote Temperature Sensor

Baby's room cozy like the living-room. Set the thermostat to use your own ZigBee HA temperature sensor instead of its internal sensor2.

Immediate Wireless Response

A1732 never sleeps. This means no delays when you send it a command over-the-air.

It's also a ZigBee Router

Acts as a mesh router. Allows you to add devices that are too far from your hub, extending the hub's range.

User friendly Menu System

Easily navigate the menu system using the four tactile buttons.

What's inside

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A1732 Picture

Compatibility and additional information

Contact Fidure for datasheets and additional product information.

1) Contact Fidure for questions regarding Compatibility. 2) Paring procedure is performed via ZigBee Hub. 3) Requires a compatible Home-Automation Hub.